ISHWAR - A Temple for Hindus
ISHWAR - A Church for Christians
ISHWAR - A Mosque for Muslims
Yes! ISHWAR is a holy place to be visited by the entire community.

Indian Society for the Handicapped Welfare And Rehabilitation is a society with the sole aim of helping the physically and mentally challenged children.

Kumbakonam - a temple town in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu (South India) is famous for Mahamaham festival that happens once every 12 years.

Unfortunately, for a long time, this temple town lacked a special school for mentally challenged children.

On September 15 1994, the ISHWAR school for mentally challenged children was started, with four students. Now 56 special children benefit from this school.

Like us, you can also make a difference in the life of a mentally challenged and handicapped. Donate liberally to ISHWAR. It goes towards the welfare of the physically and mentally challenged.

Make sure to visit ISHWAR when you are at Kumbakonam, the temple town.