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  Ishwar school was the first reality of the society. It aims in converting mentally challenged children into self-dependant citizens, instead of being a burden to their own family. Students are assessed and categorised as Severe, Moderate and Mild. The School trains the children to take care of their own needs without depending on others, provides basic education, skills and basic sciences. The school helps develop discipline and changes in behavior attitudes. Students are educated to use the bank, post office, do simple math, identify traffic signs etc. The School provides Speech therapy which helps improve the speaking ability among the students who were previously unable to speak well or unable to express their feelings orally. The school provides physical education classes and conducts sports to develop their health and abilities. The motivation is to build hope and confidence for the future and make them self-reliant citizens.

Periodically, teachers parents meetings are conducted to educate the parents about their responsibilities towards their children. Also specialised doctors like Child specialist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, ENT specialist, Dentist, Cardiologist and Occupational Therapist periodically visit the school, examine the student’s health and give necessary treatment and advices to them. A Physiotherapist visits the school trice a week and gives therapeutic treatment to the needed students. The school organises annual excursion trips to nearby places to help improve the general knowledge of the students. For teachers aspiring a "Diploma in Special Education", the school provides short-term training.

Based on the scheme of the Rehabilitation Council of India, the school identified the guardian of the students and a Guardian Certificate is issued to each student. This helps the guardians receive any financial aids issued to the students. Also the school along with the District Rehabilitation Center helps in organizing camps to distribute Identity cards to disabled persons. The school along with other service organizations conducts seminars for bringing awareness in the society about their responsibility towards the handicapped.

At present nearly 350 special children are living in and around Kumbakonam. Ishwar is planning to give education and training to more number of children.

ISHWAR's dream of providing a vocational training center to handicapped and mentally challenged children is in the verge of becoming a reality. Rotary club of Kumbakonam Central is working with Rotary club of Cupertino, California to get a Matching Grant from the Rotary Foundation for providing a Vocational Training center. The training center aims to provide special skills like operating computers, manufacture chalks, wax candles, paper envelopes, carry bags and cardboard boxes for eligible students above 15. The budget estimated for this project is Rs.3,96,000 (US $9000).

Proposed New Construction of more buildings:
In order to arrange more facilities and render new services to the children, Ishwar had started construction of new buildings in early 2006. The total area to be constructed is nearly 8900 square feet and the estimated cost of the construction is nealy Rs.46,00,000. The foundation stone was laid by the District Collecter of Thanjavur District on 3rd August, 2005 in the presence of the District Rehabilitation Officer.